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Do Not Walk Outside This Area


It’s the 1st of March at 06:47 a.m. I’d taken the bus from Brighton at 03:30 in the morning, I can’t remember my time of arrival at Gatwick, everything passed by really quickly, even the tiresome yet necessary security checks. I have soft dried apricots and almonds in my bag for breakfast, all that I buy in flight is a bottle of water. Had to ask for ice, hey ho….it is Easyjet after all. I am finally on my way to Olhão, Faro, Portugal.


This break is long overdue and I’m hoping for good weather.

I boarded third from last as I like to sit as far away from disruptive noise as possible and in doing this I am able to avoid small children (no offence intended). I’m lucky that there is an empty overhead locker to accommodate my camera-bag and equipment, with a kindly couple of about my…

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Ice on the ground, Fire in the sky

Steph and Rich in Alaska

On Friday, March 16th, the aurora borealis fired up early – just after 10:00 pm ADT – as Rich and I were getting ready to head home from the ice park.  I had put my tripod in the car that morning, just in case of such an occurrance; I’d been hoping to get a borealis so I could try photographing it over the sculptures, and here was my golden opportunity!  So I grabbed camera and tripod, and caught about two thirds of the sculptures under the green glow of a pretty powerful borealis.  Consider that the Ice Park is near downtown Fairbanks, with its attendent “light pollution”, yet the sky-glow was so strong I could set my exposure down to 2 seconds and still have the borealis clearly in the pictures.

Fast-moving and very active as this display was, I got lucky enough to get some swirls and such…

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