The Albufera de Valencia in Spain 01

Infinity + some + 2

As I said before, I am right now trying to catch up with my artistic past, browsing through loads of sketching books I found recently in my house on the Costa Blanca which we had abandoned some years ago to live 300 kilometres further down the coast. I’ve already published some sketches here from my past in Germany and in France, and will probably show some more from these countries at some time. But right now I am going back to Spain, to a region called “Albufera de Valencia”, which I visited and painted in 2005.

These trips back to my past seem to touch me quite deeply by the way, as I suddenly dream every night of places and people from before, something which I never do normally. And I don’t like it really: my dreams always interact when my reality, and right now I really have the feeling…

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The Last Post

Infinity + some + 2

I mentioned it earlier this week, we leave today on a six-week trip.

Destinations: Cyprus and Crete.

I have never been to either of these places, so loving everything new,  I am quite excited . Of course we live in a wonderful place, and I would not need to travel very far to find great motifs, but one knows how it is: one does not look at home with the same curious eyes, the brain works in a very different way. When I am somewhere else, my brain is in acute discovery mode and my hand wants to paint everything my eyes see.

And if contemplative immobility does not overrule artistic eagerness, I should come back with loads of sketches to share.

Time to make the last travel preparations now, the most important being: making sure that I have all my painting stuff,watercolours, pens, sketch books. Unfortunately I won’t be…

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Three speckled plums II

Lemon a day

6in x 6in  15cm x 15cm  approx.

Now I seem to have lost my bloom and gained definition on the spots or is that just the natural aging process…of the plums,dear, of the plums, I can hear Frankie Howerd saying this.

The difference between these two pictures is that the first painted the spots in negative ie by painting a dark background round them and in this one I used masking fluid to keep the pale spots pale. Or you could say I painted them in positive with masking fluid which is removed later.

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: ) “CheerUp CheerUp” ( :


Oh, here comes the little Sparrow !

Singing sweetly “cheerup cheerup” 🙂

It sits on the bushy hedgerow ,

And awaits its fun chat group !


On the deck I scatter seeds

And fill the bowl with water ;

The bird my invite heeds

Smiling, upclose I admire !


It hops all around the spaces

And in the collected water plays ;

At me now and then glances !

After awhile away it flies !


Its happy chirping breaks the dawn

From trees it chirps all day long !

A commoner, is now uncommon

Wish I hear more of its song.


The joyful and social sparrow

About ‘morrow knows no sorrow !

Sparrow’s sweet “cheerup cheerup”

Indeed, makes me ‘Cheer Up’ :))




Note : March 20th is celebrated as World Sparrow Day across the globe to raise awareness of the disappearance of sparrows…

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