: ) “CheerUp CheerUp” ( :


Oh, here comes the little Sparrow !

Singing sweetly “cheerup cheerup” 🙂

It sits on the bushy hedgerow ,

And awaits its fun chat group !


On the deck I scatter seeds

And fill the bowl with water ;

The bird my invite heeds

Smiling, upclose I admire !


It hops all around the spaces

And in the collected water plays ;

At me now and then glances !

After awhile away it flies !


Its happy chirping breaks the dawn

From trees it chirps all day long !

A commoner, is now uncommon

Wish I hear more of its song.


The joyful and social sparrow

About ‘morrow knows no sorrow !

Sparrow’s sweet “cheerup cheerup”

Indeed, makes me ‘Cheer Up’ :))




Note : March 20th is celebrated as World Sparrow Day across the globe to raise awareness of the disappearance of sparrows…

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