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Ben Logan

Welcome to a whole new category where I will promote friends and family members who know what they are doing behind the camera. Unless otherwise stated, these people are not professional photographers – so go easy on them! I’m going to pick a couple of their photos (that I like) and then tell you how to find out more about them.

I’m going to start with a really good friend of mine; Ed Bookless. Ed and I have been friends for a very long time and we’ve both really got into our photography over the last year or so. We are constantly exchanging ideas and bouncing photos off each other for feedback. Here is sample of some of his best work.

I love this last one. This has to be my favourite. Great title (“Walking on Water”), great composition and great tones – very cinematic.

You can see more of…

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Mum Of One

I am stressed out.

Signs that I am stressed include the following…

  1. Jaw-ache. TICK.  I have been unconsciously grinding my teeth.  A whole lot.
  2. Mouth ulcers.  TICK TICK TICK
  3. Pervasive smell of bleach. TICK.  OCD tendancy in full flight.  Bathroom is spotless.

I am, however, not entirely sure why I am stressed.

This happens not too infrequently.  And I know it will pass.  But for now…my mouth, and mouth-bones, really hurt.  But my house is clean.  Silver-linings.

The blog is scheduled to move to a self-hosted domain on Thursday.

Maybe that is what it is.

I am a bit scared it will disappear into the ether and I will lose you *points*, you *points* and maybe even you *points more frantically*.

If I get lost, will you find me?

Will you?

*Manic stare*

This swan was also quite stressed. It hissed at me. I ran away sharpish.


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