The Albufera de Valencia in Spain 01

Infinity + some + 2

As I said before, I am right now trying to catch up with my artistic past, browsing through loads of sketching books I found recently in my house on the Costa Blanca which we had abandoned some years ago to live 300 kilometres further down the coast. I’ve already published some sketches here from my past in Germany and in France, and will probably show some more from these countries at some time. But right now I am going back to Spain, to a region called “Albufera de Valencia”, which I visited and painted in 2005.

These trips back to my past seem to touch me quite deeply by the way, as I suddenly dream every night of places and people from before, something which I never do normally. And I don’t like it really: my dreams always interact when my reality, and right now I really have the feeling…

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