A quick update.

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This is just a quick update to say that there is new work in Religious Spaces, Portraits and Landscapes. Enjoy the preview!

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Winter on the Erie Canal 3, Going below

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The time has come to descend… descend to the bottom of the Erie Canal, a place I have never gone.  The reflective water at the bottom has lulled me into going down. I am alone and if I get stuck I will be in trouble, but what the heck.  I fold up the camera and tripod and try to make my way down the large stone blocks that are loosely scattered down the sides of the banks of the Erie.  I hold the tripod in my left hand swinging it around for balance and head down holding onto stones with my frozen right hand. I thought the snow-covered stones would stick together and give me a stairway kinda effect but no.. it was more of a landslide effect with slipping stones and me going down in a sliding escalator like effect.  I was halfway down and regretting my decision to try it…

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This month’s theme was Black & White photos… I really struggled with this topic. What makes a good black and white photo? I had various different ideas of what I could take pictures.  My first idea was to get a picture of my Granny, and then paint in colour certain aspects of the picture like they used to do in the olden days.  However with my Granny being in her late 90s, I didn’t feel I could ask her to pose, or sit in a different position, and there were just too many items around her for the photo to really do her justice. She seemed to melt into the background.  My next idea was to get the silhouette of a tree as they have always intrigued me. I spent many an idle afternoon sketching the wandering branches.  However this didn’t turn out quite as I would have liked, but I…

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Path to the beyond

Pepper Art

Path to the beyond

You guessed it. This is the result of another successful trip to The Roaches. Roach End in particular. The sky is fairly cloudless and does little to enlighten this sunset picture….until the little cluster comes along and tickles the sun itself.

This shot is actually two separate exposures – one for the landscape and one for the sun. The difference in brightness is way too big for my 0.9 Lee Graduated Neutral Density filter to handle so it has to be done.

Like most other landscape photographers, I don’t consider this cheating – just using the tools I have to hand. Both images are captured by me and merged to recreate the scene before me.

Composing the scene is always the hardest part of any shot. I always like to include some form of foreground subject/interest. Whether it be a simple stone or a winding path…

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