Winter on the Erie Canal 3, Going below

Jazzersten's HDR Blog

The time has come to descend… descend to the bottom of the Erie Canal, a place I have never gone.  The reflective water at the bottom has lulled me into going down. I am alone and if I get stuck I will be in trouble, but what the heck.  I fold up the camera and tripod and try to make my way down the large stone blocks that are loosely scattered down the sides of the banks of the Erie.  I hold the tripod in my left hand swinging it around for balance and head down holding onto stones with my frozen right hand. I thought the snow-covered stones would stick together and give me a stairway kinda effect but no.. it was more of a landslide effect with slipping stones and me going down in a sliding escalator like effect.  I was halfway down and regretting my decision to try it…

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