Friar’s Point on The Mississippi River

Infinity + some + 2

Searching for some earlier painting for which I had received an order, I came across two sketches I did on-site in the USA, in the Winter of 2010, both in ink and watercolour. It was an extremely cold winter, and I hardly did any sketching outside on that trip. And when we came back, I probably thought that these 2 from Friar’s point were not good enough to be published. But seeing them again, I feel that they are quite lovely, and perhaps some people in the world, originally from that town or having spent some time there, might enjoy seeing them.

As I did them we were on our way from Memphis to New Orleans, and spent 2 days in Clarksdale, exploring the town itself and the surroundings. We were especially interested in The Mississippi Blues Trail, trying to see as many markers as possible. Friars Point had been…

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