An Entire Life And I May Not Know Myself

n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s

Sometimes the next chapter is the same as the one before and the one before that….

Leaving behind the shore of dreams, I often wake to a life lost at sea….

A life misunderstood.

I sometimes wonder if I really know myself at all. I try to grasp, as I look back across the sea, the meaning of what has gone before. What remains on the distant shore…

The beauty of my indecisiveness. The machinations of my decisions.

Haunt me.

Like the fear of being stranded on land as my dreams sail away. There they go I say. Another day and it all remains the same…

Not unlike the fleeing faces in the clouds above or the uneasy sinking in the waves below….

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Research in White news

#53 – Tuesday March 20th

I love being out side and because I tend to go places far away from everything and everybody, I thought it wise to learn how to take care of myself if something went wrong out there, far away. So years ago I took a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course to become certified in the practice of wilderness medicine. To maintain that certification, every two years I take a refresher course, and this past weekend that’s what I did. The refresher is three days of scenario based, intensive study and while it does include some class time, it’s mostly hands-on practicing one’s skills outside, in simulated accident and medical emergency situations. The course was up in Flagstaff, put on by Flagstaff Field Institute, a partner of The Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS. Friday was a gorgeous mountain day, sunny, with a light breeze and just the…

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Contemporary Retellings: Claudia Smalley

Artsy Forager

One of the things I loved about studying art history in college was learning the backstories and narratives behind works that seem, on the surface, simply decorative.  Throughout the history of art, still lifes have been used to convey deeper meaning through the symbolism of the objects they portray. In her Peek series, Chicago artist Claudia Smalley looks past the narrative to distill the still life into its simplest values– color, shape and light.

Smalley successfully interprets what some might consider a mundane subject ( not me, though! ) into exciting, contemporary abstract interpretations full of movement and texture.

She captures the essence of the genre in terms of composition ( what every art student studies still lifes for! ) and that glorious chiaroscuro employed by masters of the staged vignettes.  Her canvases move and glow with the same delicate rhythm.

While I was in painting studio in college, I…

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African art

Ahil Art


                              I always interested in the african  form of drawing and coloring them. Their structure and their style of living is remarkable one in my point of view.

I already did one in glass.

                        This time I decided to put it in canvas board. Have a board in the size  of 19 x 29 inch (50 x 75 cm). I sketched out the figures on the board.




                                Now started painting the background color with oil…

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