The path to knowledge

Davide Capponi photography

This is a booksellers gallery in Torino. This has been shot with my iPhone 4s .

The app used to shot the image was Pro HDR, cropping and adjustments were done using Snapseed, further editing was done using Dynamic Light, Pic Grunger, Image blender and PhotoToaster.

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Random Photo: Sunset Clouds


Canon 60D with 18-135mm lens (ISO 2500).

These are two interpretations of the same picture taken in Gen. Mariano Lim Marine Base.  The shot at ISO 2500 is already quite noisy (when zoomed in) and this was handheld so the details are not that clear.  I used a CPL to heighten the color of the cloud then decreased exposure in post-processing (darker in the second version).

The sun is not shown as it is in the left and is blocked by the end of a huge rock/cliff (this is on a cove).

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