girl: [un]done


sometimes, it happens that i surprise myself when i actually get around to doing things.

i’ve had this girl bouncing round in my head for a bit over a year now. i knew that i’d get her onto paper one day, but suddenly, something happened, and i was halfway through her sketch and the watercolours were out. how curious.

it must’ve been the right time. she was on the page in record time and now, only about a day after starting her, she’s done. or not done, but really is done. it’s how undone she looks that assures me she looks done and, therefore, is done. she is definitely done.

she’s made out of watercolours and pencil detail. it might be a bit tricky to see the fine bits, but i can assure you, in all her done-ness, this girl is super-fine. best that you click on her, then click…

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