41 Day 57 – H2 Oooooooh

41 by Lucy Gutteridge

Now have you ever really looked at the lotions and potions on your bathroom shelf? Apart from when you buy them and perhaps read the labels, or pick them up to use them….we never really look at them, they are just there. This particular squeezy bottle caught my eye yesterday but I didnt really rate it as a potential blog shot but this morning I looked again and thought that it was actually quite interesting in as much as the bubbles are quite static and dont appear to be in a hurry to move! So I zoomed in using the macro setting on my lens and then ran it through PS simply to enhance the form of the bubbles, adding a hint of colour along the way (not bad for a PS novice!!).

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Art that makes you float – Part I

I travel in my head

I’ve been putting away this post for a long time now. There’s just a lot of good things on the net! It’s hard to choose, you know. So anyway, here are a few of the artists I stalk.

Pascal Campion 

This guy is amazing! Really! I wish I could upload all of his work here.


Lim Heng Swee a.k.a ilovedoodle.

I was hesitant to post this here because I’m in love with this guy’s work. And  I wanted to be selfish and keep this all to myself! The doodles make me smile all the time. Simple and inspirational in the most adorable way possible.

Where have all the bunnies gone?Discover yourself

Brittney Lee

It was very hard to choose a picture from her site. They were all lovely!

Marc Quinn

Can you believe this is an oil painting? I found Marc Quinn’s series of eyeball paintings staring at me on my tumblr.

Hyper realistic eyeballs

Noelle Stevenson

Another addictive…

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