Underwater Sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor

Jessica Libor

I discovered Jason deCaires Taylor’s sculptures today while I was looking up work by another artist.  I immediately became distracted as soon as I saw the first image of his haunting work.  After going to his website, I could not stop looking at the images of his underwater sculptures.  Part of me was repelled, part of me fascinated, as I am with the ruins of Pompei, or the wreck of the Titanic.  His work brought to mind for me concepts such as the passing of time and the concept of freezing time, individuality, community, natural disasters, humanity, death, life, dreaming and sleeping, community, God, eternity, the preciousness of details, and the mysteries of the lives of others.  When you encounter these images, it is almost like you are discovering sleepwalking people that you want to awaken, or ghosts of lives not finished, or people turned to stone by the White…

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