Snapshots: Neophyte


A collection of photos from my neighbourhood jaunts. And me… working out the specifics of aperture and focal length and shutter speed. I’m leaving white balance, EV exposure values and a whole slew of other aspects out of the equation for now! I enjoy the act more than anything. I love walking around and seeing the world through a different lens (pun intended). I notice so much more with a camera in hand! Is that strange?

And by the way… How did anyone learn photography before digital SLR’s?!

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The Way Through

Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Karla Winterowd, Winterowd Fine Art , Santa Fe selected this new work , The Way Through (oil on canvas 50X72) to be featured in her  full-page ad for the gallery which will appear in the new edition of     The Collector’s Guide.

Those of you familiar with my work know how much I enjoy rendering mountain shapes and the challenge to create a sense of depth on a two dimensional surface. This painting has many layers on it, as those layers dry and meld together the colors become richer and deeper, an effect that is impossible to achieve painting Alla Prima. About six months ago I started making more vertical strokes while painting mountains. It is always interesting and exciting to me to watch myself make different, un-familiar movements while painting and yet knowing that something wants to be expressed. I am looking forward to exploring where this wants…

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