A celebration of Radishes!

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Again, sunshine! The crocuses and daffodils are blooming. The cherry blossoms are on their way and it’s sunny and 53°F. With this nice weather and all of these veggies I’ve been painting, I’m looking forward to the farmer’s markets that abound around here in the summer. Hey, it’s only another 2.5 months or so.
   I’m not sure how long this sun will last so I photographed my promised radishes painting. This one was painted on the 36×24 size gessobord with a 3/4 inch cradle stained dark walnut. I just realized that I have 3 of this size completed and in stock and they’re all of bunches of things, kale, bok choy and now radishes. I think the next one this size has to be either fruit or flowers.
   Enjoy, I’m outta here. Time to eat a radish sandwich!

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house painting, part 2

Craig Ford Fine Art

Saturday, November 27, 2010

So here’s the 12” x 12” painted canvas, the Bigley House. I don’t do buildings typically, unless its used in part of the background of the overall composition. The photo I worked from was a good source image to start with, its my technical ability at rendering multiple parallel lines consistently comes into question. It was never my desire to do an architectural rendering, one with absolute technical accuracy. And while the painting looks like the building in question, my somewhat impressionistic, painterly style doesn’t seem to suit the subject matter in my opinion anyway. Hopefully the patrons will like it. I’m on to the next project.

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Four Cats

Craig Ford Fine Art

Monday, January 30, 2012

Well this latest painting is of my four indoor cats. With this painting I wanted to use one of the cats for each segment, which works nicely as each cat has it’s own distinct personality. I could have done a painting with all four combined into a large group portrait. But here I feel you get an idea of their individual dispositions. The different look in their eyes really conveys this.

My current series is of an allegorical nature, which this really isn’t a true part of although it definitely  has the same compositional structure.

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Garibaldi stroll

Davide Capponi photography

This is via Garibaldi in Torino. This has been shot with my iPhone 4s.

The app used to shot the image was Pro HDR, cropping and adjustments were done using Snapseed, further editing was done using Dynamic Light, Pic Grunger and PhotoToaster.

You can also see   Via Garibaldi, Torino    another post about this street that had  been selected amongst other pics as a semi-finalist for the 2011 IPA Mobile Art Grant .


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Rock Island Rail

Another song, Another mile...

The photo above is of an arch from an old railroad bridge that has long been a fixture on my family’s farm (from long before it was my family’s farm.) It has always fascinated me. As kids we used to climb to the top and toss stones into the muddy waters of Rock Creek coursing below. Though I was aware it had historical significance (the date 1890 is chiseled on its side) back then it seemed just another part of the landscape. It blended naturally with the trees, the pasture and the creek itself. It was just another landmark; a symbol of home.

As I grew older, I became more cognizant that the old bridge was something special, providing a unique connection to a bygone era. I vividly recall one night while in high school having a dream where I was standing beside the stone arch. From my position in…

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