Abandoned Houses

hjaltivignis photography

I was photographing for a school project today, a photo essay of old people. I decided to photograph an old farmer who lives on the south coast of Iceland. On my way over there I found a couple of abandoned houses, and like everybody knows, if you see abandoned house you HAVE to STOP! Well that´s what I did and shot a couple of frames on my Canon 1Ds MKII, Canon A2 35mm and my Yashica MAT 124G. These frames are from the 1Ds, so they are digital but with the help of photoshop I made them black and white with a dash of grain. They look way better that way than in color, so enjoy. I will post pictures from the other two cameras as soon as I have developed the films.

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the sky

Natureview photography

The past months I’ve tried several times to take pictures of the moon, sometimes in combination with either Jupiter or Venus. However, they were often too far away from each other to make a good picture of two of them together. Yesterday they were finally close enough to take a picture of both the Moon as Venus. Venus of course is still a small spot, but the moon is nice enough. I always like this small phase of the moon, a tiny sliver of light coming back. It’s also nice to see how fast the Moon moves across the sky. This picture was taken yesterday, today the distance between the two is much larger.

ps. I’m getting a bit quiet lately. I’m really busy with my work at school, as I leave for a school trip to Russia next Sunday. So a lot of things have to be finished before…

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