Fresh Inspiration

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It’s always wonderful when fresh inspiration sparks, particularly after a sludgy, time consuming period of complete inaction due to a lack of it! (Or a pesky case of White Canvas Syndrome!)

TzTahala has picked up the paint brush again after a period of – almost a month we believe – of no painting!?  Unheard of!

Time, peace of mind, a suitable place to work in and fresh inspiration must all come together in unison at the appointed or required time in order for any artist – indeed creator of any kind – to be able to plummet into the refreshing pool to which only creation’s very own muses can provide the key.

Following a selection of one-off flower paintings, an assortment of abstracts and one or two other individual pieces – Tz has commenced this week-end a fresh new series… It is entitled (We shan’t reveal that just yet actually–because we have yet to learn it…

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