Freshest Piece: “Forever Young” created on 3/19/2012



A woman is free floating in her unique expression.  This piece is for my grandmother.  It has been the hardest piece that I have ever experienced that needed release and, yet, I feel the most peace in viewing. 

I loved, and still love, her more than words can express.  She taught me the value of kindness, of simplicity, of heart-felt work…of love.  She had very different beliefs from me, yet we understood one another on such profound levels that when she passed I felt a piece of me die with her.  She accepted me, loved me, cherished and believed in me, supported me and I never told her, in simple words, that she was a part of my soul, my reason for being here.

Mothers, we don’t really tell them on a fundamental level what they truly mean to us, at least I didn’t.  I remember walking down the…

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