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Jill Rock: Two Images From The Waterlogged Series

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Jill Rock exhibited with me last year in Greenwich.  She showed a series of painted found sculptures retrieved from beside the Thames in London.  Two works from the series are illustrated here.

Jill Rock – Artist Statement::

In 1997 in the Australian outback I had the opportunity to spend time with some aborigine artists. This experience re-connected me as an artist with nature. On my return to London I picked up a piece of tree bark, cleaned and painted it. My life as an artist had evolved from geometric abstractionist to painter of objects, a sculptor in colour.

From that time on I have painted on natural found objects and geometric forms. My work has been shown in exhibitions in London, UK, USA, NYC, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Holland, France, Germany, Spain, Beirut, Australia and Hong Kong. I have collaborated with poets, musicians, performance artists, playwrights, scientists, mathematicians, social scientists and…

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Three Park-O-Meter Parking Meter . Two Hour Limit . By Art And Photography

Wingsdomain Art and Photography Museum Quality Prints

“Three Park-O-Meter Parking Meter . Two Hour Limit” by Wingsdomain Art and Photography.

© All Contents Copyright is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing unique and diversely creative Art and Photography through fine prints to collectors from all around the world since the early eighties. Subjects include animals, birds, landscapes, floral, architecture, automobiles, airplanes, and much more. Select images from are available for licensing, please Inquire Here.

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No Moment In Time We Can Ever Bring Back (A Really Gone Remix)

n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s

As our past fades away, is there a bridge or ferry that can take us where we want to go….

Trying to escape something that is little known….

Earlier today, I was reading a post that Conceptual Art re-blogged entitled “A Place Where My Thoughts Are Frozen Together” by the blogger Emily @ Making Bridges. I enjoyed the read and found much in which to reflect on. It was as I perceived it, a beautiful, personal, and in-depth look at the ambiguities of our life experience i.e. how we connect with ourselves, and how those experiences resonate and are influenced by the emotions that accompany them. As I read, this line really struck a chord with me… “I often find myself looking back on past experiences – painful and happy – wishing I could still feel the intensity of those emotions”.

I believe that all my life, I have…

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