Mondrian, Nicholson, In Parallel


Mondrian, Nicholson, In Parallel – The Courtauld Gallery, 16 Feb – 20 May 2012

Having a book of Mondrian paintings is almost entirely pointless. This is something I realised only after having seen this exhibition which, though small, was incredibly enlightening in terms of his style and the context in which his beliefs developed.

There are a few things to understand about Mondrian when discussing his work. Rarely is abstraction comprehensible at first sight, a cerebral method of working it has to be stood in front of and contemplated before its true power begins to come across. Undoubtedly interested in the Cubist way of working, looking at his earlier works it is clear to see that Mondrian had always been interested in a much more abstract method of depiction. His interest in theosophy – a religious philosophy and metaphysical study relating to an ultimate truth, and his desire to get to…

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