Transformation: Inside the Rainbow Chrysalis

Blue Phoenix Monastic, Blogging from Mountainside Poustinia

Among the most important pieces in my new collection, this painting documents a significant portion of my personal journey.  Like the caterpillar that must completely let go of all aspects of self in order to undergo the molecular liquification which precedes becoming a butterfly, I too had to embrace the messy process of transformation.  This painting contains layer upon layer of my own process, including bronze and copper spackling, candy coated pouring medium, and rainbow paint splattering.   It quietly held space for me in the corner of my art studio, depicting a visual representation of exactly where I was in my process.  Then one day, after I found forgiveness in my heart for a person that I had long struggled to forgive, I pulled the painting off the wall and it was time to finish.  Cream, gold, blue, magenta and iridescent pearl covered the canvas and I realized that I…

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