Consider the Pineapple

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When Anne Q. McKeown and I arrive at her Brooklyn high rise, with a sweeping view of the eastern part of the borough, artist Emna Zghal offers us something to drink: coffee, tea, or would we like something Tunisian?

Definitely something from her native land.

Emna serves us almond water, lighter than almond milk in viscosity but with a more pronounced almond flavor. Emna says this is because  bitter almonds are used and it imparts more flavor. It is hard to find Tunisian food in the U.S., even in New York, where only 1,000 or so Tunisians have settled. Emna came to the U.S. in the mid 90s to attend graduate school at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Anne and I are here to make a studio visit. Emna will be one of six artists in Memory From

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A new healthy week


There is nothing like Monday morning to start a diet, or a way of living more healthy, and to be inspired to make some changes in life. I always loved this saying, and today I went looking for the truth in it. And it seems that apples have a good claim to promote health. They contain Vitamin C, which aid the immune system and phenols, which reduce cholesterol. They also reduce tooth decay by cleaning one’s teeth and killing off bacteria. It has also been suggested by Cornell University researchers that the quercetin found in apples protects brain cells against neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease. So let’s start a healthy week by eating apples, at least till Easter chocolate eggs and almonds take over our diet 🙂

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