Food and Flowers and Narcissism, Oh My!

Viviana Podina Photography

Yeah, I know. It’s been a little over a week since I last updated. While I feel a bit guilty about that, at least I have work to show for it! Spring is beginning to bloom all over Michigan, and our front garden officially has full grown tulips and those little wild purple flowers that we call hatchets in Romania.

Also, remember that avocado-lemon pie? I revamped it and made it using strawberries instead (and shortbread). It’s super delicious and I want to try it out in multiple other flavors. Aaand, I made a blackberry-banana smoothie for breakfast a few days ago that I managed to take a few pictures of right before I had to head out. It was delicious. But there were like a million seeds.

And of course, what’s a week without a few pictures of myself? I was feeling pretty fly on…

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B&W Holga, Part Deux

Somewhat Fuzzy

After my last set of Holga photos made me so happy, I was hoping I’d moved past my slump with the camera.  The last roll of black and white I shot proves that’s not quite the case.  I think part of the problem is I didn’t pick exceptionally interesting subject matter and I had the counter set wrong (12 exposures when not using a mask, not 16…), but I really think b&w on the Holga just doesn’t suit the way I shoot with it.  I like the “dreamy” aspect of it all, but I think color lends to that whereas black and white leaves it feeling kind of muddled for me.  Maybe I just need a clearer sense of subject and what I’m aiming to accomplish with it all.

Either way, I took a roll of Fujifilm Color out to the zoo with me earlier this week and that’s already…

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Nae's Nest

Few know of the
Spirit of Honey 
Mystical and hypnotic  
Few ever experience 
Fewer become a part  
Legends said her beauty  
Can not be described  
Nothing like it
Has ever been seen
Captivates the mind
Once experienced
Nothing else satisfies  
Best to wait
Until death
To be taken
To the eternal grave.  
If one sees
The Honeyspirit
Too soon in life
A cursed 
Waiting is 
A blessing
Earthly damnation
By your
Own hand
She is beauty
You’ll wish for death
A gift opened
To soon
Eternal wrath
A red button
And told
Do Not Push
by Renee Robinson

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For Those in Colder Climates

iPhone Photographer | David Pasillas

Lately I’ve seen my friends posting about how they’re getting snow, hail, and rain, so I thought I owed it to them to go out to the beach and watch the sunset last night. The tripod and I nearly got taken out by a wave when I first started shooting on the shore. Luckily I saw it out of the corner of my eye when I was looking at my phone. I was able to grab the tripod and jump back onto some rocks just in time.

The first two images were created with Slow Shutter, which allows you to do long exposures, and edited in Snapseed. You really need a tripod to get long exposures as sharp as possible. I do use a tripod, but I don’t have a case to mount it on their properly. I just hold my iPhone as still as I can against the tripod…

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