B&W Holga, Part Deux

Somewhat Fuzzy

After my last set of Holga photos made me so happy, I was hoping I’d moved past my slump with the camera.  The last roll of black and white I shot proves that’s not quite the case.  I think part of the problem is I didn’t pick exceptionally interesting subject matter and I had the counter set wrong (12 exposures when not using a mask, not 16…), but I really think b&w on the Holga just doesn’t suit the way I shoot with it.  I like the “dreamy” aspect of it all, but I think color lends to that whereas black and white leaves it feeling kind of muddled for me.  Maybe I just need a clearer sense of subject and what I’m aiming to accomplish with it all.

Either way, I took a roll of Fujifilm Color out to the zoo with me earlier this week and that’s already…

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