Another One Of The Dog Pond

Visions of The Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park

Ok, I have actually published another shot of this particular little pond in the park before (see here) but this time I decided to get inside the cluster of trees and see what I could make of the outside world from within.

It’s kind of ironic as the previous post from outside the cluster of trees was captured on a digital camera and then processed to look like medium format film, whereas this one actually is medium format film. I’m still madly in love with the square format of the pictures that come of out my borrowed Bronica [thanks again Caroline] so I find myself revisiting many places to see just how differently I frame a shot within the same area.

It’s quite a simple photograph but hey, I kinda like it.

The photo was shot on a very old Bronica film camera using Kodak Tri-x 400 film.

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Thursday April 5’th

Per Lissel Photography

The Easter is approaching and so is Gästrikkonst and my exhibition in Årsunda. Doing the last things before the opening on Friday 11:00
I have limited myself a little on the number of pictures this year. Ended up with 18 pictures wich was lucky as I had a problem to find places for them. Despite cold nights and not so warm days either the birds seems to have spring, of the flowers I have only seen the Colt’s foot and blooming mezereon. On the other side I have not had the time to go out and look at the “right” locations yet.

A couple of pictures from the pond yesterday

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