Uncommon Garden Snail

Lemon a day

size 2″ x 2″  5cm x 5cm approx

This is tiny, the snail shell is tiny and fragile, it is the sort that appears on the chalk. We are not on the chalk, but there are pieces of chalk and flint to be found in the garden soil….have to have been brought here whether by nature or man, I am not sure but I do wonder about ancient iron workings as sometimes I find bits of slag-iron. Perhaps there is enough calcium on the surface to support chalk loving weeds ( which we also have) and snails. I shall look for one of the stripy snail shells as they are very pretty close up. This is the 200th picture in my series of so called daily paintings. My mother predicted that it would become a burden if I continued with one a day, it has been important to relax about not…

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