Listen To This Song!

Welcome to the space of Dreams!

What do I want Lord? I declare I know not,
Feel me, see me, please be wise and leave me,
I am weak and lonely, this life I live with zombies,
You need not fear my ego, still to find,
I see the duty you define.

I must choose now, just before I end this,
Waiting, taking, I cannot confess it,
Love as drove me deeper, I feel I can’t deny it,
I wash away my mind, into this song,
The song I write to you my friends of long.

Doubt me, beat me, just be kind and end me,
I can’t sleep now, time will soon forget me,
Hold my hand my friends now, I need you more that air,
For this jealousy inside, I can’t confide,
I need your light to show me right tonight.

Why do you tempt me? Haven’t you condemned me,
Loathing and wasting, priding…

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