March 18, 2012 Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorm

Life Through the Lens

As a long-time meteorologist and professor, I have been captured by the beauty and awesome power of thunderstorms and severe weather. While I don’t storm chase as much as I have in the past, I still take a few opportunities each storm season to venture out across the Great Plains of the United States to personally view the fury and beauty that can be unleashed in nature.

A recent, successful venture occurred on March 18, 2012 which included a slight risk of severe weather across western Oklahoma and northwest Texas. I was a passenger along for the ride with Mason Rowell and Doug Crauder. We intercepted a slow moving and slow developing storm near Hollis, OK and watched it evolve from an unorganized conglomerate of individual updrafts into a consolidated, strong, rotating updraft and supercell thunderstorm.


As the storm moved northeast we redeployed east and eventually to a point northwest…

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