Living in the gap…

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I open my eyes… Just had a dream in which I was on a top of a fast train
(was I actually an engine-driver of it?) …so my heart does this quick “dum dum, dum dum”… yes, I was driving this fast train through the secret rail road 😉

Time to get out. Direction: work. I look at the window. It’s fully covered by drops. It’s raining and I think how badly I want to stay inside and how it is not possible! I grab the umbrella…

I pass this cherry three every day, always thinking that I need to make a photo of it! Its beautiful and its blossoming… Then I say to myself: next time, tomorrow… I hope that tomorrow wont be too late.

I know it’s going to be very busy today. Wednesdays are always amazingly busy. There are many patients that I have to…

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