10 Tips for … Photographing spider’s webs

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Web of Beauty 3 - Joe Houghton

Spider’s webs can make lovely photos, but using these tips will make your shots even better! Let me know if I missed anything important, or if this post helps you get the shot you wanted :

1. Fill the frame

In most cases, shots of spider’s webs concentrate on the beauty of the web and the play of light on the delicate tracery of strands. Move in as close as you can and fill the frame with the web.

2. Pick your angle

There are 2 basic angles – straight on, where the whole web is roughly the same distance from your lens, or angled, as in the shot here, where the web moves through the frame from front to back. The choice is yours – either can work well. Look carefully at the shape of the web and whether you can make a more interesting shot with a different…

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