Embrace Nature’s Gift

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Nothing is less known; nothing more neglected. The forest is a gift of nature which it is sufficient to except just as it calms from her hands.

— Georges-Louis Leclerc (French naturalist, biologist, mathemetician and author)

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The Vincent Farrell Online Gallery Exhibition held at Home and Hearth Magazine Online

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vincent farrell artist

This painting created by Vincent Farrell (1928-2008) is oil on linen and has a limited edition signed and numbered lithograph print available for purchase. This colorful scene captures the pristine coastline of Southern California’s Crystal Cove, which is now known as Crystal Cove State Park, a nature lovers paradise.

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Hanky panky

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Is it true? Sex starts in the kitchen? The men in my family are hardworking at the sink, and “dishwasher” was my partner’s first real job description. Suds and sponge. Then hanky-panky.

Since when has a scallion looked so sexy? How provocative the ladle. The redripe tomatoes in the corner set a beat, ready to groove.  A ravishing coral honeysuckle vase deserves a smooch or two.

Don’t miss the interplay of masculine and feminine here. Heavy black lines, stolid and strong, delineate the forms. Maybe taking themselves a bit too seriously.  Light blue leaves overlace the scene, frilling out the feminine qualities. Playful titillating.

It fact, I don’t think any cooking is happening tonight. Skip the kitchen and head for the bed. Dishes can wait.

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In Love With Ruben!

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Kate Usher Studio Blog

I just had to share with you all my new found love, the work of an artist I’ve been following for some time, Ruben Ireland.
I first his discovered his surreal and somewhat disturbing paintings over at Society6 ( where you can find a wealth of original, affordable art in the form of handy household items) whilst in search of a more “interesting” ipad cover than what was on offer in Currys, and have been hooked ever since.

This is surrealism, digital collage and painting at its finest. I only hope I have the pleasure of owning one before the year is out (take heed husband!) and it would have to be a really BIG print, because the quality and detail of his work is so awe inspiring it needs to be noticed! (An iphone cover would not suffice, but I wouldn’t turn it down!) My bedroom walls are…

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The Gherkin

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‘The Gherkin’ as it is popularly known is one of a number of major new buildings in the City of London which have quickly established themselves as popular and iconic in the popular imagination. And it is certainly a distinctive building. I know people rightly worry about the skyline and protexting the historic views of, for example, St Pauls, and rightly so. But I think we should be pleased that in one port of the country at least people are confidently building for the future with building which project enormous self-confidence. ‘The Shard’ when finished is going to be an even more impressive statement about the future.

I was in the City yesterday and was reminded how one of the intriguing aspects of the City is how so many different ages of architecture are crowded together in such a small, concentrated area. This picture tries to give an impression…

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