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Art Calling

This painting is just being started. It is in acrylics and painted much more loosely than the previous ones- I’m getting closer to my goal of working as spontaneously in oils paint as I do in oil pastels.

Before this one, though, I started one in oils, it is going well, but I have to wait for it to dry before going further. That’s why I’m using acrylics on the one above.

I’ve got some tips for working with acrylics which might be useful, I’ll make a short post of those, (scroll down to the post below this one).

Here is a peek into the process of the oil one. By the way, these are, for me quite large- 50 x50cm or about 24″x 24″.

The study below is in acrylic and is only about 20c x 20cm, 8″x8″. I purposely limited my time working on it to about 25 minutes and didn’t correct or…

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Almost There.

Leanne Thomas Paintings



I get the feeling that this one is almost finished. Another week should do it! I brought it inside the house today to try and view it differently than in my art room. I find it really difficult, when you’ve been working on a piece for months, to actually ‘see it’. I turn it upside down, ask friends to tell me what they think, take photos in black and white and put it in a new environment – anything to kind of pretend that I’m seeing it with ‘new eyes’!!

I do love painting.

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Oil Painting of Lyrid Meteors

Deb Anderson, painting

Every year in late April Earth passes through the dusty tail of Comet Thatcher, and the encounter causes a meteor shower–the Lyrids. This year the shower peaks on Saturday night, April 21st. Forecasters expect 10 to 20 meteors per hour, although outbursts as high as 100 meteors per hour are possible…


With a new moon in opposition, 2012 was a great year to watch the Lyrid meteor shower. I kept my eyes on the skies, but it was pretty cloudy here. This painting is what I had hoped to see. Did you see any meteors?

Years ago my mom, sister and I saw the most amazing fireball while we lay on the trampoline in the backyard. All the other meteors I’ve seen have been the tiny, not-quite-sure-I-saw-anything kind. That one was amazing – a wonderful memory in great company.

One more thing – I joined DailyPaintworks!…

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Sources of inspiration: painting from photographs… the good and the bad.

Hue Bliss: Color & Art notes by Karen Gillis Taylor

One fine weekend I drove west to stay with my family friend Marie who lives in Estes Park, CO. (Her backyard entertains elk and deer from time to time.) Marie and I traveled around Rocky Mountain National Park, and she was patient with me as I took lots of photographs to inspire future studio paintings. This Enclave painting was a good start for me back then. I was hoping to give it some painterly expression and personality.

If a person does not paint from life on the spot, standing in the field, there’s a big challenge to paint the scene once home again. Granted, indoors there is not the problem plein air painters have with changing light and weather, but how do I  remember the first impulse that caused me to capture the scene in a photograph?

Some of my tips:

• Dump all photos that don’t grab you immediately…

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