Sources of inspiration: painting from photographs… the good and the bad.

Hue Bliss: Color & Art notes by Karen Gillis Taylor

One fine weekend I drove west to stay with my family friend Marie who lives in Estes Park, CO. (Her backyard entertains elk and deer from time to time.) Marie and I traveled around Rocky Mountain National Park, and she was patient with me as I took lots of photographs to inspire future studio paintings. This Enclave painting was a good start for me back then. I was hoping to give it some painterly expression and personality.

If a person does not paint from life on the spot, standing in the field, there’s a big challenge to paint the scene once home again. Granted, indoors there is not the problem plein air painters have with changing light and weather, but how do I  remember the first impulse that caused me to capture the scene in a photograph?

Some of my tips:

• Dump all photos that don’t grab you immediately…

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At last, “Tenderness”, in American Art Collector!

Gift of the Rose by Peggy Martinez

At last the May issue of American Art Collector is out and “Tenderness” made a graceful debut under the Xanadu Gallery! Thank you Jason for such an amazing opportunity to be part of the studio group of artists. If you’re not familiar with American Art Collector, it’s the countries leading magazine for art collectors, art galleries and fine art artists. Most artists, like myself, aspire to be in such quality magazine even if it’s once in your lifetime. Made my day!

tenderness of mother and child, yellow rose gift of the rose collection

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