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Ever since I got to the top of the building I live in and took a few snapshots I wanted to go back again and take some others but when the night veils the city. I thought the hardest part would be convincing my Dad to come with me but boy was I wrong!

I don’t think any camera no matter how advanced or any photographer no matter how talented could really freeze the amazing view with the light effects coming from the port and the mosque. As an amateur, it was about trial and error regarding choosing the right ISO and shutter speed and so I took many shots in the process most of them very blurry and out of focus. Surprisingly I like them!

I kept on trying and trying and this is the best one I got:

I’m researching the correct camera settings to take night shots…

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hanging bubble chairs in Lyon

the Antimuseum in Paris (and beyond)

I took that shot at Tetedoie, a stylish restaurant in Fourvière, above Lyon in France. The restaurant is packed with designer chairs, stylish furniture and vintage seats like these hanging bubble chairs (invented by a Finnish designer in 1968), definitely back in fashion, be it in LA, London or Paris. Is this is a metaphor for the oncoming Internet bubble?

From 12-lyon-avril2012

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