Tate Modern – I don’t get it…

Taking Tangent

Tate Modern, as you can probably guess from its name, is a London museum that exhibits modern art. Some of the pieces are quite interesting, including Picasso’s Seated Nude and posters by John Heartfield. Below are some pieces that I really liked.


But then there are other pieces of “art” that make me question how they even got selected for exhibition. WARNING: the pictures may be offensive, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you couldn’t take it anyways, haha.

I will admit openly that I am not an expert in this field, but REALLY!?!?!  I always have to read the accompanied descriptions to understand the meaning behind these pieces of art. Even then, the explanations sound so…underwhelming. It seems to me that the artists are playing a trick on the audience in seeing how far they can push us to accept these pieces as art (Which begs the question – what is art?). Among the crowd…

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