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weekly photo challenge: blue

The question is not what you look at, but what you see - Thoreau

Blue. We’ve done red before, but what about blue? What do you associate blue with? The sky, the ocean…and what else? See how creative you can get with blue.

Share a picture that is BLUE with everyone!

Here are some of my “blue” photos:
the house with the blue door in St Saturnin in Provence

close-up of the oriental tiles next to the door

a blue door into a church in Lefkara, Cyprus

another blue door in Cyprus

a piece of French knitting at an exhibition in the mediaeval village of Rodemack in northern France

a blue ceramic jar fountain photographed in Koh Samui, Thailand

a blue collage I made recently

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A First Draft

Refrigerator Magnate

More birds today…  of the ‘hunting and pecking’ variety. If this dude looks a little familiar it’s probably because he also posed for ‘ A Spot of Tea ‘. Although this time I drew him perched on a typewriter. So… there is that.

Grady Tripp (narrating): “So there it was. Somewhere in the night, a Manhattan book editor was prowling the streets of Pittsburgh; best-selling author at his side, dead dog in his trunk.”

– Michael Douglas – Wonderboys

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

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My Greatest Inspiration

Building Good PR

Inspiration is all around us. Like Mitch Joel writes, “you are being inspired all the time.” The trick is to catch the moment and not be afraid to express yourself, no matter how small or silly an idea might seem. As I move from my PR agency work to something more independent, I find myself surrounded by inspiration like never before. It is as though this new journey is helping me see life in a new way. Sure, there are times when I hesitate, doubt or dismiss an idea, but when that happens, I hear a familiar voice inside my head that reminds me there is nothing to fear. I’m pretty sure that voice belongs to my Mom, telling me, as she has ever since I very little, that we’re on this earth to follow our dreams. Don’t waste the opportunity.

When inspiration struck my Mom a few years ago (right around the same time…

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