‘The Eye of the Storm’


Bunbury’s Bridge – Oil Painting


The scene is near where I live. The bridge spans the canal, south of the town of Athy. I don’t know why this bridge is named ‘Bunbury’s’. The bridge is disused now as it was on the entrance to Kilmoroney House which is now a ruin. Kilmoroney House was built before the canal arrived here in 1791, so the bridge was probably built at the expense of the canal company as it crossed the entrance to the house. Its possible Bunbury was the contractor who built the bridge.

This week we had 24 hours of rainfall, non stop. One average month’s rainfall, in one day. Now the sun is shining again, and after the recent rain the air is clear and its extremely hot. This affects the colours in a sunset. The last post also featured a sunset with the colours we are more familiar with – reds, oranges and yellows…

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Impasto Sunflowers, Oil Paintings

EK Photography & Art Gallery

Though, some of you have already seen these two paintings, I originally posted them right when I started this blog and therefore they received little to no audience. The first one, Fiery Sunflower, is my personal favourite. Now that I have a wonderful audience which (I’m very grateful) is growing every day, I felt compelled to bring this piece up again.

Fiery Sunflower was the first of my paintings that ever sold as a print and it was my first attempt at palette knife painting. I love this technique. For me, it proves to be a very enjoyable and somewhat liberating experience. I love the way the palette knife allows for thick texture. It seems to bring the image to life somehow, don’t you think?

The second, Cool Sunflower On A Sunny Day, was just to see if I could recreate the same effect using opposite colours, complementing the first…

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ALONE BY THE SEA original oil painting by Terrill Welch

Creative Potager

Don’t even ask what I was supposed to be doing this Friday because whatever it was it isn’t done. Instead, I worked on this new 20 x 20 inch oil on canvas painting that is of East Point on Saturna Island and one of Canada’s newest national parks. I took some artistic license and made the building slightly taller than it is in real live. Other than that the scene would be most recognizable to anyone who had walked out to the end of the point during a low tide and then looked back towards land.

This painting is in answer to a request by an admirer of my paintings. She asked if I could paint something with bright colours and maybe more contrast. We exchanged several posts as I remarked on how my subject – the southwest coast of Canada, is often quiet and the contrasts subtle. But I…

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