Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park

Stories from home

Jordan Pond is one of those places that never seems to get my full attention… it always seems to be somewhere I visit AFTER spending first light at another spectacular Acadia location such as Cadillac, Thunder Hole, or Otter Cliffs. One of these days though I’m going to make this scene the focus of my photo-expedition, and maybe I’ll be able to parlay the superb foreground rocks and the awesome views across the pond toward The Bubbles into a really cool photograph.

The wind was whipping across Jordan Pond as I set my tripod up to make this photograph, and I really liked how it’s effect on the water complimented the earthy tones of the blue sky, the green mountain slopes, and the rugged granite boulders. You really do have an almost unlimited array of rocks strewn along the shoreline to choose from for your foreground, and the famous and…

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