An HDR Visit To The Swamp

My Ramblings on Photography

Went on another walkabout this week, this time to try out the Lumix 7 – 14mm f/4 wide angle lens.  Nice piece of glass!

No sooner than I left this spot, a gator came up just beyond the water’s edge.

I had initially gone there with the idea of trying out the lens, trying to determine how well of a performer it was, especially at 7mm and wide open.  I was pleasantly surprised by it’s performance, especially corner sharpness.  The problem was that the lighting was nothing short of terrible.  So as it turned out, this outing was more of an enlightenment in post processing techniques than a full blown evaluation of the lens.

As I’ve realized so many times before, sometimes we need to step back and revisit our photographs one or two days later.  Sure enough, I began to get ideas for alternatives in post processing.

It occurred to…

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