Dr. Sketchy NNJ With Viktor Devonne and Regina Stargazer

Through the Lava Lamp

Steampunk Dr. Sketchy NNJ

Last week I went to a fun Dr. Sketchy session at Blick Art Supplies in Paramus, New Jersey. Viktor Devonne and Regina Stargazer are both members of the White Elephant Burlesque Society who perform around New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. I loved their costumes, especially the ones for the last pose pictured above. Viktor wore several Steampunk outfits which were fantastically put together and had various props that really added to the pose. The aspect that I like about Dr. Sketchy (especially in this session) is that the models and their costumes evoke a narrative that you don’t really find in most figure drawing sessions. Looking at the picture above makes me wonder about the characters and what their stories are.

These two pictures were created using Tooncamera, Sketchbook Pro, PicGrunger and ArtRage. I wanted to give them an antique, Steampunk feeling. I will be posting the drawings soon.

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