41 Day 132 – Blurred Banana!

41 by Lucy Gutteridge

Whilst messing around with my camera this morning I fired off a couple of shots (accidentally!) Upon looking at the LCD screen I was actually quite suprised to see a couple of quite interesting images! It just goes to show that sometimes you dont have to try very hard to achieve something a bit different. I have been following a blog for a while (although there doesnt seem to have been any posts just lately) where the photographer uses incamera effects….now what that means I dont exactly know but what I do know is that my camera doesn’t really have any (with the exception of a few filters) and their results are quite nice……generally blurred images of something where the colours have all merged and become a kind of abstract painting almost! Probably not the best description of a fellow blog, but I like to think that my accidental abstract…

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day 307: urban nature #2

experiments in experience

Yesterday I was walking around in the neighbourhood towards an area that I didn’t know yet. Just as I walked past the gate of the school next door I realised that it was open. Of course I had to sneak in and take some pictures. Since I like taking pictures of empty areas that have a significance only to the people who go there daily, I was particularly happy to find that this school looks rather run down in parts. Here I especially like the reflection of the trees in the window.

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Bizarre Yugoslavia

power of h Weblog

They appear like images from some alien planet. Or the creations of some alien race that has landed and then abandoned earth. Like the statues on Easter Island, there is a mystery about them. Why were they built? They are letters of a lost language. Metaphors in a forgotten history. And just plain bizarre.


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I’m. In. Together.

Broken Light Collective

Photo taken by Mira from the midwest; a Registered Art Therapist and Certified Life, Youth & Family Coach. She is 58 years old and struggling with something she calls a “shadow” Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality).
About this photo: I don’t have fully-formed separate personalities, but like the two birch trees in this dark picture, I slip in and out of focus, in and out of the light, the dark. My Others are so much like my main host personality that it’s possible to hide.  I see it in some of my clients, this blurry double.  
My bad days are sloppy and confusing and sometimes terrifying in their shadowy shapes. My good days are filled with creativity and joy as I jump in and out of focus and light.
The bad days.  I wish I could describe the terror of feeling stuck in…

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It’s All About Your Entrance


I don’t know about you, but I love wrought iron gates. I always have high hopes for a property if I have to walk through a beautiful pair of wrought iron gates. The detail and craftsmanship always amaze me and the gates always look better with age because they turn to into such a beautiful patina. Here are a few gates I’ve come across on my travels.

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To the watchtower

Pics of Then

Click here to see it larger.

What it is:

Photo measuring approx. 4.75 x 2.75 inches.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


I was thinking of doing a set called “Nicely dressed women sitting on rocks”, since I keep finding photos that would meet that theme as I go through my collection.  But this one is probably my favorite, so I thought I’d post it by itself.  Hold it in your hand and it doesn’t look like much.  But enlarge it, and suddenly it looks like an old movie still, complete with the mystery of what that woman is doing there.

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