The Window

The Wobbley Lens

Last week, my Club were due to have an evening out taking photos based on set subjects. The weather being as it was though, rather wet, this didn’t happen.

However, I like the discipline of having to look for images and so I went out on Saturday with the list anyway. I chose the same location (Chipping Sodbury) although it was slightly wet, between periods of strong sunshine.

So, here is my interpretation of “Shop Window”. This is a bullseye pane of glass with a price note in the background which is providing the colour.

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Mock the Hawk

A persistent mocking bird (Mimus polyglottos) is caught here diving and harassing a white-tailed hawk (Buteo albicaudatus) that showed utterly no interest in the attack. I made several captures of the mocking bird as it flew around he hawk, and superimposed them  onto one frame, happily it also caught the various beats of the mocking bird’s flight …

IMG_4916 Adisinterested Hawk (WC)

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