Mike Smith of Destructive Testing blog produced this wonderful mobile in the third image.
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169/366 Streets of San Gemini


On Saturday we arrived in San Gemini, Umbria, where we are renting a villa with a group of friends for a week. I write villa, but a palace is more correct. A 17th century palazzo is a pretty cool place to stay. I will try to post a photo from the palazzo later. This is Sunday’s photo for the day and is from a walk I had with my husband through the streets of San Gemini during siesta time. We saw very few people but I loved the atmosphere of the quiet and empty streets. No wonder they have siestas though. There is a heat wave  with 36-37 degrees Celsius during the day…. Some how us cold Norwegians manage pretty well, and I’m glad I’m not at home where there’s still cold and rainy weather.

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Surrealism in a Mobile State

Meeting Fires Creative

I have been having a great time creating ‘surrealist’ images on my walk around camera – the iPhone 3Gs. While terribly in need of an upgrade, I’ve found I can still produce quality images with the right lens and film combo. That happens to be one thing I really like about shooting with the iPhone. Apps like Hipstamatic allow me to think creatively before taking the shot, as I would with my SLR, and I have come to rely on a couple film/lens combinations that I’ve been building my recent collections around.

One recent inspiration is the Dalí lens, a tribute to the famed Surrealist himself. It is random enough to be surprising, but I’ve learned a few tricks, helping me to tame this wild beast. Mirroring, asymmetrical layering, colour-swapping and enlarging can all be controlled by recognizing what it is you are shooting, and how you wish the image…

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