June 17, 2012 – V.2 – Aurora Borealis

Skyheartphotography One Picture a Day Project

I took a picture of Aurora Borealis by accident and I didn’t even know it.  I have been wanting to photograph the Northern Light for a long time and last night I was photographing some very interesting and unusual cloud formation.  My eyes noticed some weird line in the sky so I took a picture of it.  When I put the image on my computer, I saw something that resembles Aurora Borealis but I didn’t believe it.  I definitely did not see the vibrant color shown in  the photograph.  I used the term “looked like Aurora Borealis”  Only until I saw the entry from Lake Superior Photography’s Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/LakeSuperiorPhoto) whom said that he took some Northern Light photo last night at around 11:30 PM (same time I was taking that photo) that I believe that I finally took a picture of the Northern Light.  So, I decided to post June…

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Ruven Afanador


17/6/12 -Ruven Afanador Photography

In regards to Ruven Afandor’s official website, Afandor is a contemporary photographer whose work has been featured in magazines and fashion editorials. Afandor has also created a series of fashion portraits, which feature several full length skeletons. There is limited information about this particular collection, although the model’s garments are composed with the skeleton(s) and the image of the skull.

One could argue that the skeletons feature animated gestures or movements, which invites one to view the engagement between the model and the skeletal figure. One may compare Afanador’s portraits with  Renaissance art such as the Death and the Maiden through the contact between the model and the skeleton(s).

The outfits are enhanced through the desaturated colours and the cool overtones, which enhances the model’s style of makeup. One could argue that the skeletons appear to be grinning or smirking at the model, who features very…

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Window on Strathmore Avenue

Modern Art and Poetry

Window on Strathmore Avenue

I was out lookin’ for pictures this morning at 6. Just across the street from where I live, to the west and maybe 3 doors away, I came across two dogs in a bay window. One was a German shepherd; the other was all white, maybe a poodle. The all-white dog was goin’ bonkers. It was barking so loud and jumpin’ on and clawing at the window so hard that I thought a psychiatric unit was gonna show up, tranquilize the thing and stuff it into a straitjacket.
The wild white dog was gonna make for a great shot; and I was excited; but every time I got ready take the picture, the dog ran from the window and disappeared. I tried to take the shot several times; each time the damned dog vanished.
The shepherd was not excited and stood there motionless, looking out the window. I went ahead…

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