Vocatus Atque Non Vocatus…Deus Aderit (Bidden or Unbidden…God is Present)

the hour of soft light...

My computer once had a virus that made my email in-box always appear to have eight messages when it was actually empty.  The tech-guy asked if I could just live with this sitch temporarily until he could figure out how to fix the problem, but he never did. So I adapted.  Eight equaled zero for a long time… at least a year or two until I got a new computer. I saw “8” and knew “0”.  I found all kinds of analogous applications for this worldview.

You are probably wondering whether this says more about my adaptability or my low expectations or my self-diagnosed discalcula. All I can say is (d) none of the above. 

Once a focus-group research analyst told me that by writing “January” out entirely on the questionnaire (instead of numerating or abbreviating it), I had indicated that I was the sort of exacting, OCD person who…

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