Window on Strathmore Avenue

Modern Art and Poetry

Window on Strathmore Avenue

I was out lookin’ for pictures this morning at 6. Just across the street from where I live, to the west and maybe 3 doors away, I came across two dogs in a bay window. One was a German shepherd; the other was all white, maybe a poodle. The all-white dog was goin’ bonkers. It was barking so loud and jumpin’ on and clawing at the window so hard that I thought a psychiatric unit was gonna show up, tranquilize the thing and stuff it into a straitjacket.
The wild white dog was gonna make for a great shot; and I was excited; but every time I got ready take the picture, the dog ran from the window and disappeared. I tried to take the shot several times; each time the damned dog vanished.
The shepherd was not excited and stood there motionless, looking out the window. I went ahead…

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