Impressionist Cityscapes by Eugenio and Nemo


Galerie Beauchamp, in old Quebec, had a lot of really fantastic contemporary art, ranging from abstract to photo-realistic. Seeing Liudmila’s european city/landscape paintings opened my eyes to the possibilities that landscape painting had to offer. These two artists opened them further.

Eugenio‘s paintings are a rainy blur of bright colors and lights. Big cities have so much going on that they can easily become overwhelming for those not accustomed to the bustle; by painting the details with splotches of colors, he unifies the space. One of the things that’s intimidated me about painting landscapes or city scenes are the thousands of little details, whether it’s the leaves, grass or the windows and straight lines that make up rows of buildings. Simplifying the process by painting the colors that make up these little details makes me feel like I could actually handle a project like this.

Seeing the boring made…

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