stuart allan hyde ______

Honestly I’m really not…..As far as I’m concerned cars, motorbikes, planes, boats, even roller-skates have got trains beaten into a cocked hat. They’re slow, (even the fast ones), noisy, (even the quiet ones), can’t do a three point turn, and in my experience always have a slight whiff of bottom….No, I don’t really like trains.

That is until I found a yard full of dead ones.

This bunch of rotting rollers were in casual abandon at Rowsley South station in the Peak District, and the ever accomodating Mrs SHPics allowed me a full ten minutes of snapping before pulling me aboard the steam locomotive that makes the short trip to Matlock, where, she prayed one could find a decent cup of coffee…What sort of place is it where you need to catch a bloody steam train just to get a quality caffeine fix?

On the way out of the station…

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