* Architecture: RIBA International Award Winners Announced


Architecture: RIBA International Award Winners Announced: “..Following our previous announcement revealing the 2012 RIBA Award recipients, we now present to you 12 international projects that have also received top honors from RIBA. Buildings outside the European Union by RIBE Chartered Architects and RIBA International Fellows are eligible for this award. These 2012 RIBA International Award winners will now compete for the RIBA Lubetkin Prize – an award named in honor of the Georgia-born architect who worked in Paris before coming to London in the 1930s to establish the influential Tecton Group. In 2009, the RIBA Lubetkin Prize went to the National Stadium Beijing by Herzog & de Meuron [and Ai Weiwei] with China Architectural Design & Research Group and Arup Sport for National Stadium Company..”  Includes photos of the 12 RIBA International Award-winning buildings..

See our post on the 2012 RIBA Award – winning buildings: Architecture: 2012 RIBA Awards Winners Announced.

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image: Innhouse hotel Kunming, China by Integer Intelligent and Green © Kerun…

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