Matthew Cox Clashes the Tactile With the Technical

This Sydney Life

I was always shocked when I went to the doctor’s office and they did my X-ray and didn’t find that I had eight more ribs than I should have or that my blood was the color green.(Nicholas Cage)

Matthew Cox is motivated by redefinition. At least, that’s what he says got him started with this wacky idea to create embroidered x-rays. One material is tactile and labor intensive while the other technical, and quickly a finished product. He reckons that, “by simply placing one of these materials on top of the other the understood purpose of each is redefined.” Certainly, it makes the observer stop and look (more than once, in my case)

I like that for Matthew Cox, “stitching has a nurturing aspect and acts as care giving or healing to the injured, a socially feminine sort of action, while the x-ray itself can be considered masculine…

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